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Personalized Christmas Eve Santa Box

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Children (and adults!) love this personalized package from Santa! It is full of goodies that will make your child so excited for Christmas. Make your child feel special with this box sent from the North Pole!

Please choose the package option from the drop down menu. All boxes are personalized for one child, but can be customized for more than one, up to 3 children. 

Available Packages:
(Packages are personalized for one child, but we can customize one box to be for more than one child, if needed. Please message us before ordering if you need a custom box.)

Package A:
*Personalized letter from Santa
*Letter to Santa
*Personalized Nice List certificate
*Nice List with child's name and names of friends/family members. 
*Magic reindeer food
*Magic Santa Key 
*A fresh picked Candy Cane from the Peppermint Forest
*Activity Book
Package A for two (2) children includes:
- One Santa's Magic key, 2 Personalized Letters from Santa, 2 Packages of Reindeer Food, 2 Nice List Certificates, 2 Nice Lists, 2 Santa Letters, two Candy Canes and 2 activity books. 
Package A for three (3) children includes:
- One Santa's Magic key, 3 Personalized Letters from Santa, 3 Packages of Reindeer Food, 3 Nice List Certificates, 3 Nice Lists, three Santa Letters, 3 Candy Canes and 3 activity books. 

Package B:
*Everything from Package A, plus
*Personalized ornament 
Package B for two (2) children includes:
- Everything from Package A, plus two (2) personalized ornaments.
Package B for three (3) children includes:
Everything from Package A, plus three (3) personalized ornaments.

Package C:
*Everything from Package B, plus 
- Personalized holiday Santa plush toys
- Story Book  
Package C for two (2) children includes:
*Everything from Package B, plus two (2) Personalized holiday Santa plush toys, One (1) Story book 
Package C for three (3) children includes:
*Everything from Package B, plus three (3) Personalized holiday Santa plush toys, One (1) Story book

Santa packages are shipped in a separate mailer or box to protect them from getting dirty in transit. 

Please message us after placing your order, with the following information: 

- Child's name, gender, and age
- An item from the child's gift wish list
- Something the child accomplished or that you are proud of the child for doing
- Child's city and state, if different than the shipping address of the order

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